VocBench Support

Support about ShowVoc is hosted its companion platform VocBench's discussion groups.

A user discussion group is related to questions related to the usage of ShowVoc, reporting possible bugs and/or posting suggestions on future improvements of the tool. Pls use the preamble [ShowVoc] on the subject of your request, to clarify that the question is about this tool

A Developers' DG is also available for questions related to development of ShowVoc

Hosting Services, Courses and Dedicated Support

ShowVoc is, has been and will always be free and open-source. Also, we will gladly provide free support (to a containable extent) through the discussion groups. However, some users might prefer to completely delegate to third parties the hosting of the platform and eventually other related services (e.g. data transformation, publishing of produced resources, etc..).

If you need dedicated support, such as:

you may contact us and find the possible form of consulting which best fits your needs