System Start

When running for the first time Semantic Turkey, strange errors are logged on the console

After the first installation and run, the system might log some errors on the console. These errors are non-deterministic (they depend on non-synchronic factors, which vary from machine to machine) but are usually related to installation of bundles/web bundles. Examples are:

Failed to install artifact: C:\TEMP\semanticturkey-6.0\deploy\showvoc-1.0.0.war
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unknown protocol: webbundle
	at org.apache.felix.framework.URLHandlersStreamHandlerProxy.toExternalForm(
	at org.apache.felix.framework.URLHandlersStreamHandlerProxy.toExternalForm(


18:57:40.185 ERROR [fileinstall-C:\TEMP\semanticturkey-6.0/deploy] Registration exception. Skipping.
org.osgi.service.http.NamespaceException: alias: '/showvoc' is already in use in this or another context
	at org.ops4j.pax.web.service.spi.model.ServerModel.addServletModel(
	at org.ops4j.pax.web.service.internal.HttpServiceStarted.registerServlet(
	at org.ops4j.pax.web.service.internal.HttpServiceStarted.registerResources(
	at org.ops4j.pax.web.service.internal.HttpServiceProxy.registerResources(

In that case, ignore the error, wait for the various procedures to complete and when they are finished, close the system and restart. Since the second time the system is started, they do not usually appear anymore, because the bundles have been installed and they are all available at system start.

After stating the system, I do not see the expected ShowVoc page when I access its address on the browser

This may happen because the OSGi environment has not yet loaded all of the required components for providing the client application, but it is already able to reply if its address is being accessed

If you happen to see the karaf login prompt:

karaf login on slow start

it means that KARAF, the OSGi container hosting ShowVoc, has not yet loaded the user interface.

If you see an error dialog with the "not found" message shown in ShowVoc, as in figure below:

not found error on system start

the client has been loaded, but the services are not yet responding. This can happen always (depending on how fast and powerful the server is, how many projects are present, if it is the first start, if there are updates being done, etc...

If you are running ShowVoc locally on your machine or, in any case, can monitor the messages being logged at startup, you should look for the "ST Started" message being logged. When that message is logged, the application should be up. If it is not, there might still be some asynchronous procedures being finalized, but it should be ready soon

If you cannot access the console or logs of VB, grab a cup of coffee and come back soon ;-)