The Translation page can be accessed from the top navigation bar. This page allows to translate a term, using the dataset in ShowVoc.

Translation results

To perform a translation, first click on the Translation tab:

Search page

In the Translate field insert the text you would like to translate (searching in all the dataset present in ShowVoc), select a source language(s) and an output language(s). Multiple languages can be selected in both fields:

Search page

Once all three fields have been filled, press the "Play" button to perform the search for the translation(s). All the results are presented in the same page, divided by the dataset they belong to:

Search page

Using the two checkboxes Include closed datasets and Case sensitive it is possible to include, in the results, the currently closed datasets (the retrieved data is taken from the indexes previously computed and not from the dataset, to have the best performances) or to perform a case sensitive search.