The Datasets page presents the list of all the public datasets stored in the ShowVoc platform.

Datasets page

In the left side of the page it is possible to filter the datasets according their types (KOS, ontologies or lexicons) and to filter out or show the closed datasets. Closed datasets, if any, are not explorable and are light gray colored in the list.

For each dataset in the list it is shown the name, colored in cyano if the dataset is open, in light-gray otherwise. By clicking the dataset name the user is redirect to the Data page (only for open datasets). Under the name there is the base URI followed by an optional dataset description (only if provided here). The top right corner of the dataset "card" indicates the data and the lexicalization models adopted by the dataset.
To the left of each dataset name, a "star" button allows users to mark favorites datases. This functionality comes handy for filtering the list of datasets in the same page (by means the filter checkbox available on the left column) and also for filtering results in the Search page.

On the bottom of the datasets list a text field allows users to search/filter the datasets. The entered text is searched into the dataset names and into the base URIs, and only those datasets that contain it are shown.

An alternative view to the default one, which consists in a flat list of datasets, is available: the "facts-based". This view allows you to group datasets according a chosen facet in order to make the view cleaner and organized efficiently. The facets can be assignmed by authorized users through the Datasets Manager dashboard.

The preferred visualization mode can be set in the Dataset View settings dialog which can be open clicking on the 'cog' button on the top right corner of tha Datasets panel.