The Search page can be accessed from the top navigation bar. This page allows to search resources that match a given string among all the dataset in ShowVoc.

Search results

The search page is a clean page with just a search bar.

Search page

The search is fired when the "lens" symbol is clicked or the ENTER key is pressed during the typing into the search bar input field.
The results are gropued by dataset which the name, in blue, if clicked redirects to the related Data page.
Each results shows:

Search filters

Just between the search bar and the space dedicated to the results, there is a stripes where it is possible to customize the search filters.

Users can restrict the results to the open datasets, to the list of favorites datasets, that can be set from the main Datasets page, or to a custom subset of datasets.

Under the Languages menu it is possible to specify a set of (customizable) languages in order to search matches only in literal values that are expressed in that languages.

Finally, it is also possible to customize the way the search is performed from the menu under the "cog" button. Four String match modes are available: Exact, Contains, Starts with and Ends with. By default the search acts on lexicalizations only, with the Search in local name option it can be extended to look into the local name also. Moreover, by enabling Case sensitive option, the search will consider the distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters.